From nurse to a consultant of occupational health and well being, Delilah was always looking for instruments to heal and harmonize persons or organizations. This came closer to the individual in her work as a confidential adviser, mindfulness trainer, social and psychic counselor.

Next to her professional work she developed and facilitated programs focused on personal growth and consciousness. She co-facilitated tantric trainings. Gave ‘inner-marriage’ massages. Developed her healing skills during ceremonies with plant medicines. Gave astrology and human design readings.

Delilah founded Into Me I See in 2012 with the focus on intimacy – healing and inner growth – towards wholeness and living your essence. Together with Jules van Beek, her partner, they are pioneers and Ambassadors of Conscious Evolution (from the Academy from Barbara Marx Hubbard) and the process of Co-Creation. Facilitating the transition to a co-creative world.