In my youth I was very connected with nature. I had my teaching in connecting with nature the animals and the plants. The underflow of my soul kept pushing me forward in serving man and nature. I joined the police force and had a servicing profession. I always saw everyone as a human being no matter what they did and treated them with respect. Throughout my career, I never had any problems with the people I had a connection with. However, the work also had a price and after 33 years I left the police force with PTSD.

After a period of healing, I started working in the company Delilah has founded in 2012, Into Me I See. We worked with medicine plants to help people, to serve them. In that work I further developed my wisdom and humility whitch was at the basis of this. In 2018 we stopped this work altogether. There came a period of silence and Vipassana meditation. A deep way in, to my core and finding my essence.

I came in contact with the Ambassadors of Conscious Evolution (from the Academy from Barbara Marx Hubbard) and the process of Co-Creation. I stepped in the world of co-creating. Learning, doing, falling down stepping up again and further I went to master this new way of connecting. Now its time to bring this into the world because the “future of mankind” is depending on it.