Katharine’s professional career includes development and facilitation of programs focused on personal growth, co-creative community building, conscious evolution, empowered youth leadership, and women’s spirituality. She has co-founded and taught at numerous alternative schools as well as co-facilitated cross cultural leadership programs including the International Children’s Summit on Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland, a UNESCO sponsored event: “Youth for Human Unity” in Auroville, India and the Pachamama Alliance/ Awakening the Dreamer training for youth. Katharine is a co-founder of Earth Guardians and was co-director of the Children’s Torch of Hope Tour across America in 1995.

Together with her husband, Makasha, she has focalized numerous world-wide celebrations and link ups for peace including World Invocation Day Festival, John Lennon Tribute, Harmonic Convergence, and Birth 2012. She is also a minister of All Season’s Chalice/ the StarHouse in Boulder.

Katharine is co-author with Carolyn Anderson of The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0. Both the Handbook and Hummingbird Community serve the emergence of a co-creative culture.