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Ticket Packages

Your ticket includes the three-day event, all meals and the choice of lodging that is best for you.  You may want to arrive on Thursday, June 4 and spend the night in the venue before the event begins. You can choose to camp on the venue grounds or find your own accommodations nearby. In order of registration we first assign the double rooms. When these are full, the triple rooms and then the quadruple rooms.

You will find the selections below. You can click on the picture for the description or add your ticket directly to the cart and register.

We use a tiered pricing model, so book early to get the best deal.

Register now to guarantee this price. As soon as these first 20 tickets are sold, our Tier 2 tickets will go on sale.

  • Tier 1 (Tickets 1 thru 20):   normal price
  • Tier 2 (Tickets 21 thru 40): normal price +€25,00
  • Tier 3 (Tickets 41 thru 60): normal price +€50,00
  • Tier 4 (Tickets 61 thru 80:  normal price + €75,00
  • Tier 5 (Tickets 81 thru 100:normal price + €100.00

Do you need financial help? Contact us to arrange a payment plan to spread the cost of your retreat over 3-6 months.



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